Loving You…

Inhaling & exhaling/I do it because it is innate/just as I put one foot before the other to walk

As eyes blink/and hearts of those alive beat/My love for you is what makes each blink, thump, step, & breath more satisfying.

Everything, the instincts, the learned behaviors, all of it is made worthy/because of our love for each other

Time after time/it is proven as a hypothesis becomes a fact/ that you have mad love for me

I am your baby/I call you daddy/because no one else puts on me/ what you do/ No one else makes me feel like you do.

Even if you spanked me/ I’d thank you daddy/ cause that just means I am naughty & you were in heaven

I tantalized your mind/ I freaked your soul/ You re-proposed/ with me, you shall grow old/ old and gray, yet, as we will still lay/you’d call me baby/ & you’d still be daddy.

This love/ is something unreal/ I take two steps forward, away from you/ only to feel/ feel lost in this cold world alone/ without you my backbone/my mocha thrill/who keeps it too real

For you/I take ten steps back/just for you/for no one else loves me as you/I replay it all/from way back when/from back then in time/I chunked your heart in the wind

I had no time/no time for you/I was on a seperate mission/trying to search for the truth/ the truth about myself/while you were out for your wealth/being responsible/yet I was only playing with fire.

In time I began to see/ how much you meant to me/even when I went astray and yes, I did betray/yet you remained/after the Ish I did/ I said never again, would I treat you as I did/out of anger & hurt/I did wrong/Never again would I hear you sing this song/saying/”Lost without you”/ cause never again/your side will I leave/never again/ will I make you grieve/for my love/For yes it is true/Te Amo Daddy/All my love is for you….


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