Satan’s Job

To kill, steal & destroy, time after time. He will do it if we allow the foolery, the stupidity, & the ill-wishers, to infiltrate our minds & souls. For they are simply satan’s messengers/servers.

Families are being torn apart. Hatred among family members is becoming wide spread. Idle time equals satan’s time. It is time that we could use counting our blessings. Yet we use it to count the things we lack. We use time to backstab & lie. We use time to get lost in life. Then we wonder time has gone. We wonder how so much has passed us by.

Neagativity is as a contagious disease. It is as serious as a terminal illness. Yet we mess up so & our lives end up in the wilderness. We focus on the small things versus looking at the entire picture.

We live to tear each other down. We love to see people sad & down. Misery DOES love company you see. But you have to make decisions on who & what you love most. I chose ME!

Subtract yourself from all of the animosity. Take time to listen, to ponder, to pray. It makes satan’s job harder.

Some make his job so easy. They keep up so much foolery. Power hunger is a bunch of bull. There is more to power than being selfish, low down, & just having pull.

The trip to the top would have never been. Your chances in life could have gone to other men. If it was not for favor, grace, & mercy of His, just think for a moment where you could have been.

Yet degrading & manipulating is at all time high. The lies keep rolling, we don’t know why.

Why people choose to use & abuse playing with lives & jobs. It is a dangerous game, like playing with the mob.

For we all have destinies to fulfill. All of the drama needs to exit. Just keep it real. The downward road, a path so spiral. It will happen so quickly. It will be viral, when Karma steps in, to handle hers, no mercy, no mercy, no pity exists. You should have sought Him, his favor, instead of ill-wishing.

You chose to be in partnership with satan below. He will mock you uncontrollably as your descension flows.

You helped satan do his job, by hurting others, taking from them…you robbed.

He won’t leave you, our Father won’t. Even though you didn’t seek him, you only thought about greed & your wants.

Maybe now you will think twice before you act. Maybe you will appreciate the lessons & all the facts.

Maybe you won’t & eternally you will be, full of hell, satan’s deputy!


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