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The Backyard Bunnies

There are several adorable little brown bunnies that live in our backyard. I simply adore bunnies, as my seven year old son does too. We have been contemplating getting one for a pet for a while. However, we haven’t done it yet. The rabbits come up near our back porch, eating grass, and playing in the dirt. It is a great evening treat for us to simply sit there and watch them. Sometimes the birds bother them. Yet sometimes, they are at peace, just grazing and hopping around.

One day last week, we watched one that played near the porch. The pictures are below. It was a cutie!!! 🙂

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The next day or so, we saw a bunny that seemed ill or injured. It didn’t move as my husband went out of the door. It just sat there, looking afraid. My heart goes out to bunnies, so I sent spinach leaves out there for him/her to eat. It didn’t move at all. It didn’t run away. It just stayed there, shaking. It never touched the spinach leaves. I put a container of water out there. It never drank any. I watched the rabbit from my nook window off and on for hours. My son was saddened by the bunny’s appearance.

Needless to say, the little bunny died. It was so sad to see it stretched out dead. My son and I were very saddened, as we have soft spots for rabbits! My son wanted to bury it right away. However, my husband said we should wait until morning, to be certain it was deceased. My son woke us up early the next morning to tell us that the rabbit was still there and it was in fact dead :-(. He quickly dressed to go outside to bury the rabbit in the backyard.

My son placed two sticks on the bunny’s grave. He wants us to make a sign for the grave that says, “our friend, the rabbit”. The sad part of the story is that a few hours after the burial, another bunny appeared. It was sitting near the spot where the deceased bunny had been. It seems it was looking for its friend or relative. It was sad. Yet it is amazing how animals mourn and miss their own, as we do with our own. The moral of it is life is amazing, even for animals. Our lives end as quickly as this poor little rabbit’s life did. We never know how, when, or where. It is up to us to make the best of it so when we are gone, we will be remembered well, as this little bunny was/is.