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Slow Down & Pay Attention…

Many live too fast- either always helping others, neglecting self, going so fast by wasting time on things that don’t deserve to be given priority, not prioritizing in life, not devoting time to the ones that need you, doing things as an adult that should have been done during late teens & early twenties, & just simply getting lost & caught up in the lives of others–and end up completely lost because no time was spent getting to know yourself or God. Let the small, ignorant, meaningless things continue to pass you by. Spend time with yourself, cultivating who you are, who you want to be, & how to become. Let go off the dramatic pity parties, which give Satan a boost & more room to invade your mind. God made people parents to be parents, to guide, love, & nurture his angels he has allowed us to have. We are supposed to protect them & instill values in them, helping to plan & prepare for their futures. None of us are perfect. Kids will be kids. However, we must do our best to parent by example. Kids are gonna ger hurt, love, lose, & screw up sometimes. They are going to do what they want when they can get by with it. The thing is, we have to know that, we know, that we know that we did all we should have done as a parent, rearing them right vs not having done our best. Life is too short for maybes & should haves. We need to use our time wisely trying to do what we need to. If uncertain about what to do, we should pray about it & seek assistance from others, while letting go of things that have kept us bound with anger, pain, & misery. God is yet in the loving His Children & blessing business. BUT, we need quiet time to search ourselves & talk to him. We all need others at some times in our lives. But remember everyone that appears to be for you is not always loyal. Go with your gut and let go of the liars, backstabbers, & soul stalkers. Keep your circle sweet & consistent. Everyone can’t be trusted. Remember to love yourself with all you have because you are golden!
Candace L. Gillespie