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The Small Things

Humans, mere humans, we all tend to be ungrateful by default. We tend to be selfish as well, by default. However, somethings, we do not HAVE to be. We choose to be those ways. Many correlate happiness and success with big, flashy things and/or having a lot of money and other material things. It is nice to have nice things to enjoy. Who doesn’t like and appreciate nice things? Yet, those THINGS do not make a person. They don’t make a person happy deep down inside either. Many times people camouflage  their true feelings and desires with THINGS.

It is true that the small things mean the most. They are sometimes the most inexpensive things. They are things that are non-tangible as well. Those are the priceless “things”, those gestures, words, or small items that make our day. They bring the biggest smiles & leave the biggest imprints on our hearts.

♥Treasure and relish in the small things in life. ♥