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I Remember, Part II.

I remember when I realized exactly how much time had passed me by.

So much time & energy had been wasted on the wrong things.

Things & people, undeserving of “a place”, were once a priority. So much time I wasted you see.

It seems I was on a quest, trying to find, all of the things I’d lost, things that were mine.

I forgot the most important of all. I forgot myself, it was my ultimate downfall.

I remember grasping a strong hold on myself. It was about loving life & nurturing self.

I remember when things I once thought were serious became so small. I let it go. I lost the desire for it all.

Those things I did not need, goodbye to them, hello to ME!

Along the way I rediscovered, so much about life, It was as if I’d first uncovered…a priceless treasure, a once in a lifetime find. It all came clear when I realized it was all here in my mind.

Everything I needed already existed inside. No longer did I think I’d lost my mind.

I remember choices.

I remember peace.

I remember walking away, from bits & pieces of me.

I remember finding tranquility in things others thought of as me being silly.

I remember being able to make choices without being guilty, doing things for myself, just to be a little frilly.

I remember when going back on my word hurt. It was obvious that dedication was part of my work.

I remember when I had no conscience. I did not care. I was taken for granted so; I may as well have not been there.

I remember when I started seeking more of His word. I was tired of doing me. It was so absurd.

I had to be still, to listen within. I had to chill out and realize who was and was not a true friend.

I remember hate. I remember a hate so strong it was within me, in my bones.

I remember when I was restored, the tears of joy, oh how they poured.

I remember vowing I would never forget who I am.

Never again would I not be my own priority.

I remember feeling His presence around, such a breath of fresh air, gratefulness, deep down.

I remember…