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Friends That Care!

It is a blessing from above when we have true friends that honestly care about us. They think of us, when we have no idea we are even being thought of. They have our backs, totally. They keep our secrets. They encourage us when we have doubts and fears. They keep it real, not sugar-coating, yet reminding us they care. They have unconditional positive regard for us. They love us, no matter what our limitations are. They love us, flaws and all, the good, bad, ugly & uglier. That is what true friendship/sisterhood is all about.

I’d like to share something a friend/sister, Trina (Trina M. Howard) sent me via text on Monday. I actually saved it because it makes perfect sense and it is true!

“Be encouraged….release whatever you must (tears, fears, anger, frustration, just whatever you are thinking and feeling…be honest with yourself and GOD…tell HIM exactly what’s on your mind and heart. HE IS WAITING TO HEAR FROM YOU…then re-group to focus on a new plan. Keepin’ you lifted…Love you much….” –Trina

((This shows nothing but love, faith in me as a sister-friend, faith in Thee, & love for Thee))