Unseen, from my book, Life: Through These Eyes of Mine (2011)

Where is it that calmness and peacefulness

truly abide?  There seems no place on Earth

that can be that place.


‘Cause no one bothers to care.

Life goes on, even after ceasing to be,

nobody bothers to care, no concern,

life goes on, no tears, regret, or sadness,

‘cause no one bothers to care,

life goes on.


Everyone is so wrapped up in the moment,

their moment, their moments, that no one

stops to even notice the changes, my pain.

They just continue to live, laugh, love, and ignore.


Then it’s too late. There’s a ceasing of life.

No one bothers to care, life goes on.

How is loneliness inside defined, discovered?

Who is it to seek out someone’s

destitute, saga-filled, and miserable soul?

Even when found, who is it that gives a

damn, when so much has been ignored

up until this point in time. The distance in

my eyes appears to be nonchalance and

arrogance, when no arrogance can exist

because of feelings of inadequacy, failure,

and turmoil are present.


How is it that the soul can hold so much pain

and no one cares to just try and see about me?

Taken for granted, a long time I’ve been.

Expectations placed on me, my life, until it

matters not when I’m lacking something.


The effort, too much just to make ends meet,

just to struggle to survive, as if I’m part of

Survivor, when it’s survival of the fittest versus

trying to live life to the fullest without

so many problems ‘cause whenever I’m me,

there’s a problem. Yet when I’m someone

else, the person I once became when

I lost myself, all is fine.


Such a mess, this thing called life is.

Yet I know I’m supposed to be grateful.

I’m supposed to thank God for life and

the family I have. Yet my life seems so

cruel and harsh.


The ones that are supposed

to care, only seem to have these

expectations they created or they are

happy, as long as they get what they want,

with no regard to what it is my heart desires,

no unconditional positive regard.

How is it that a person can feel so much

isolation, hatred, and unloved? As if everyone

isn’t how they appeared to be once in time

and everyone is an imposter versus a loved one?

So the lesson learned is trust no one on that walks

God’s green Earth.