Just Another Post...(Pictures & Thoughts)

MISSION: TO DECLARE UNWORTHY, from my book, Life: Through These Eyes of Mine (2011)

Degraded at such a young age, for no reason.
Degraded, only because I was different. I could
only be who I was…me.

I was made to think that I’d become nothing
in life. I was made to wonder if I was really
evil, as she said, when I knew I wasn’t.
What pain for a child to question herself,
when she knew what she knew, and knew
she was right…what pain, what mixed

Through the second guessing, the

memories of it all, I kept striving

to become what it is I felt I

should be.

I finished high school, then college

and I kept going. I didn’t let any

historical nonsense stop me.


Next graduate school, then post graduate

school, then graduate school again.

I kept going, anticipating what

the taste of success felt like.

I kept going in stride.

Because of God’s mercy, I didn’t

give up. Credential after credential,

I obtained, even though I can

recall the many times, I was called out

of my name.


I was degraded and misunderstood,

but nothing stopped me. The

“chatter” only makes me stronger.

It only made me work harder to be

what is it I am supposed to be.


Nonetheless, I still press on, attempting

to fulfill my destiny. Even in the rain,

I stride. Even when lightning bolts

strike near me, I continue to

fulfill my dreams.