From Right to Wrong

How do I right a wrong, learn from it and carry on?

How do I minimize the tears, the pains in my heart?

Because of love, and ‘cause I made right a wrong.


When my judgment is cloudy and I can’t think clearly,

I won’t reach out to you, to see me through. I will hold my head

up high, to the level of the clouds and let the past,

remain the past, and carry on.


Even though a void remains, within my soul because of you,

I must press on, and be without you, the original you,

because of love, I made right a wrong.


You aren’t worthy of my love, my heart, my soul. You took me

for granted as if you had some type of hold…a hold on me, as if I

would cease to be if I walked away from you or you left me.


You marked me as, as if I was your property, saying,

“forever you’re mine, eternally”. But the tables

have turned,  and I ‘m no longer yours.

No longer reaching out to you, even as you

shut doors, door after door, right in my face.


Previously I remained, because I didn’t wanna lose

the looks you gave me, the love you made to me,

and the chills I got from being with you, my boo.


But you are no good for me. You will always be selfishly,

trying to be something you are not, yet pretend to be, and I

finally saw you for who you really are to me—a liar,

a manipulator, that broke me in pieces.


One that seeks out hearts to play with as toys,

as if the world was yours, what an ignorant boy,

not a man to screw up the way you did. Left my heart in shambles,

miserably, clinging on for breath, to try, and breathe.

But it took too long for me to right this wrong by

saying goodbye. The fire is gone.


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