Trust You want me to be patient with you because you need a chance to prove that you can improve and start anew. Too many things prevent me from believing that you can change so much, and renew yourself so fast. Love isn’t always the answer you see, to these things in life that plague us all, even me. Love isn’t always enough, I know.

Love isn’t always as it seems, or the ones that say they love get too bold. Too bold to remember the things that can’t be forgotten. Thinking they have it all figured out, even though the lies they once told were rotten. You can love a person with all your heart, yet trust them not. Love and trust are sometimes synonymous, yet the track record brings doubt. I love you, yes, that is with my heart. Loving you is something, that shall never depart. I don’t trust you, not today, not even last year.

You wonder why I doubt you so. Yet your “lack of” proving yourself leaves me with fears. We can’t always think with our hearts, we must use our minds. Our hearts can lead us astray, then we can’t go back into time. I love you now, I always will. Yet, I can’t help, the doubt that I feel. The roots of trust supersede the emotions of love. Yet, they should fit together, as a hand in a glove. For now, I’m listening, to all this you say. Yet in the back of my mind, I know soon, I will send you on your way.


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