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He’s Always the Same

He’s Always the Same… Each time I turn around, the enemy is attempting to add negative & steal joy. Each time I stomp him down. For I can’t be defeated. I’ve come too far with God’s blessings, to be handed over to Satan. We all stumble at times. It’s simply human error. Yet the important part is that we get up after each fall and recognize the stumbling blocks and how to not fall as hard or not fall again, anymore. My Father has never left me.

When obstacles came–deaths, sicknesses, and just life itself, He never left me. When people that pretended to be real, were proven fake, and it was obvious they weren’t true friends, God was there. When I didn’t know the right words to speak or even when it seemed I was foreign to myself, He remained, always the same with me. He never left me. When tears wet my face, rolling down almost endlessly, as I fought against things in life, trying to do the right thing, He remained.

When at times all I could do was just sigh deeply, and stare into the clouds, I knew that each day, He would carry me through. He’s always with me. He always comforts me. He always strengthens me. Even when family turn their backs and betray, and life becomes all disarrayed, He’s there. When I question my purpose at times and how I’m supposed to handle certain situations, He calms me and I know that after all this time, He hasn’t left me and He won’t. He’s always the same. He knows my heart. He protects me. He loves me. The Alpha & Omega of all times, My Father.