Just Another Post...(Pictures & Thoughts)

My Beauty, from my book, Life: Through These Eyes of Mine (2011)

Something rare found one in a millionth,

as foreign and misunderstood as those that come from the far

edges of the world, I am.  Exotic, unique, and extraordinary,

and highly intelligent, I am.


My beauty is beyond mere beauty. My eyes, dark brown,

holding within them a story, longer than any legend ever told.


The sway of my hips, the caramel color of my skin, are illustrations of my beauty.

 My beauty makes me independent, strong, and unique.


One of a kind, I am. There is only one as me now, and forever. Even

after my demise, there won’t be one as me, with a beauty as mine.


Arrogant, I’m not. Confident and highly favored, yes. I must think

the world of myself.   No one loves me, as I love myself, with the exception of