Inspirational Thoughts · Just Another Post...(Pictures & Thoughts)


Sometimes we all must shed tears. Tears don’t mean we have no faith or we are weak. It means we are simply human and as all humans, we cry. For Jesus even wept.

Sometimes we have to internalize the obvious–what is versus what isn’t. The truth only hurts for those that are in denial or that are living in a fairy tale and for those that are natural liars.

Sometimes we must walk away from the things we once loved, the things that once brought joy because some things aren’t mean to be forever. Some things are seasonal and we must let go when the seasons end.¬† Hanging on to things, just because, isn’t healthy.

Sometimes love isn’t enough. Sometimes faith isn’t enough. Most of the time, the obvious is enough. Everything that is good to us, isn’t good for us. Even in the long run, it has not been good to us.

Sometimes decisions are as simple as the nose on our faces, or as complex as getting the nose on our face reconstructed. However, all we have is the moment. This very moment is all we have. Nothing more is promised and we must realize what it is we actually need to do sometimes…