Just Another Post...(Pictures & Thoughts)


Awareness & paranoia are not synonymous. Each day, to function, to grow, we must be aware. Awareness can be enlightening, yet sometimes painful, especially when we learn things aren’t exactly what we think they are. People we think we know, we find out we don’t.

Then we learn that insurgency is around us. Even though we are not at “war” per se. We are individuals & not governmental entities, we are still rebelled against, undermined, & disrespected. Attempts are made to overthrow who we are as people. Attempts are made to cause inferior & unrest. How is it that one can oppress another? None of us are perfect and have our “own stuff”! Perfection exists not in the human race.

Often times, “we” should become more aware of who we really are–the person we are when no one else is around to impress. “WE” should focus on what it is we love to do, the things that matter to us, that make us smile, when no one is looking. WE need to find out who we really are and embrace loving ourselves more, loving our near and dear ones more instead of attempting to tear each other down, to belittle, to ridicule.

Awareness…True Awareness begins within!!!