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I Remember

I remember when simple was simple. Now simplicity exists not.

I remember when common sense was “common”. Now common sense is rare and a treasure if one has it.

I remember when joy was widespread & there wasn’t so much evil around us.

I remember being broken, feeling as if mending my soul would be impossible.

I remember when my soul became whole again & I thanked Him for it repeatedly.

I remember tears, so many tears I felt I’d cried an ocean. The sum of my tears could have created a flood from way, way back.

I remember regret. Regret is something you never forget. Yet it is something that makes us grow and yearn for true meaning. It makes us realize we need to remove “regret” from our vocabulary and replace it with “life lessons”.

I remember when I discovered the true meaning of love & sharing, sincerely caring. Such a profound experience it was!

I remember anguish & pain, wondering what normalcy was until I became whole again.

I remember distinguishing between what’s genuine & what isn’t. Such wisdom I learned from redefining “realness”.

I remember when self-actualization entered my life.

I remember when I let doubt and fears exit my life & my thoughts.

I remember letting go of the things that kept me bound within my soul, feeling as if my soul was trapped in a sepulcher.

I remember freedom.

I remember deliverance.

I remember faith & hope.

I remember His Grace & Mercy!

I remember when I remembered myself and who I am!

I remember…


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