Poetic Thoughts · Poetry

Reciprocate/You know/give and take/Taking everything like a hungry vulture it seems/Yet nothing is given back, just trifling & mean/When you are in need/ you eagerly seek the ones that you seemed/to have/been all close with/But tables turned & it was found you aren’t about ish/Betraying friend after friend/Recklessly living but then the ones you betrayed took you back in/So many times until/they just lost the need, the will/to keep you around/sprinkling all the salt on the ground/they walked on/Yes it showed/More than you could know/No longer a team/no friendship, that is only a memory/A memory stuck back in time/when you played the victim, just lying/Now maybe you will learn/that what you issue/you shall earn/back/now all you can do/is wonder what did you do/Too deceptive you were/now it is too late to defer/it all/to something or someone else/The thing called friendship now sits upon a shelf/simply collecting dust/you ruined it/There is no trust/No reciprocity/No you/No me/No friendship/No we….