Just Another Post...(Pictures & Thoughts)

Coldness of Heart

I am shivering from being cold. There is a blizzard raging in my soul. The coldness has taken over my body, my mind, my heart. I am numb.

I am numb to heartache and pain. I am numb to all of the ridicule, the abuse, the misuse, the disrespect, the storms, the rain.

The cold and numbness were so profound that I knew I had to seek You. I needed Thee in my life to bring warmth back into my being. I began to seek You because You already knew what I endured. You already knew my despair. You already knew about the times I wanted to end my life. You were there, asking me to seek comfort, love & renewal in you.

Your Word gave me renewal. Your outstretched arms wrapped around me when I tried so hard to be different. Even when I fought against my past, You were always with me. I knew in You, I could become whole. I knew in You, I had strength, and everlasting love.

For I realized that You, You are the one to judge. You are Alpha & Omega. You will have the final say for all, for those that hurt me, those that took the emotional, human aspects from me, violating me & leaving me numb.

Thank You Lord for loving me. Thank You Lord for keeping me. Thank You Lord for life. Thank You Lord for the darkest nights of my life, which yielded strength. Thank You Lord for giving me purpose, bringing warmth back the to blood running in my veins. Thank You for ending the coldness, the numbness!