Just Another Post...(Pictures & Thoughts) · Poetry


Emotions are played with too much-
As if they are tokens for a game.
Many play games with emotions-
especially love-
trying to level up, not realizing what “was”-
until all is lost, game over flashes in neon-
Taking you back to how it was when the game first came on.

Playing with one’s emotions-
the tears from pain,
the anger from exhaustion of even dealing with it, calling your name.

Playing make-believe,
kindergarten games,
taking everything so lightly-
Not recognizing a walking time bomb inside of them-
all it took was to lightly….

Push them closer to the edge-
to their deathbed, a sepulcher-
The person died from heartbreak-they died because all they got was second rate garbage because emotions were toiled with, mocked and looked over.

The signs of heartbreak were evident-Yet the games never ended so it must have been meant-to be- that emotions caused one thousand deaths upon one person-
a thousand symbolic deaths into one actual death-
one body returning to the Earth-one soul floating to the heavens, existing no more-many tears shed because so many kept going-they just shut the door on the obvious- taking for granted things would be okay.

Meanwhile the young girl sat in dismay- wondering how it was all ignored-She wondered how many shut doors would it take to see.

To see emotions taking over everything-until she could no longer cling-much too young she was gone-It was too much to handle on her own-Too many emotions…                                            ((So many children slowly die right before us, as they are victims of abuse and neglect. It just goes on and on until it is too late. Build rapport with your children. Don’t let their pain be THEIRS alone. –CLG))