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Seeing Straight

Seeing Straight

Once I knew nothing/
Not even what was right before my eyes/in real time/I was blind to the obvious things/the things I needed to see/Blind by choice, I was.

When too close to situations/and in total denial/we can’t see what it is we need to see/
fragments of foolery/that we dealt with once in time/hoping what we “felt” deep down inside would not materialize/ and boldly be!

I tired of giving benefit of the doubt so much that it seemed to have been innate/It became an expectation for so many/Expectations can become a burden when one becomes more of a machine/a thing to others/forcing one to lose sight of themselves/tangled in a web of “I hope not’s, “Not this time”, & “It will change soon”!

Fact is/We have to initiate our own change/to remain kept/sane/well/We can’t keep letting things slip by/Because we slip by with each insane action of others/Losing our ground/forgetting who we are/because we are so caught up in fulfilling others wishes, as if a genie we are/that we forgot all about ourselves/Our purposes/thanking Him for keeping us/because there is yet work to do/to be what it is we should be/What we were destined to be long before we were born/Before our parents ever knew we would exist…Never should we forget ourselves/losing ourselves for anyone/We must love ourselves like a new found treasure/a rare coin/For I know I have learned to love me, some ME/rare/different/priceless/Found/even though I never left/I was gone/Yet for some time now, I am home.