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Always Come Back

No matter what it is I do,
or what it is, I don’t do,
despite how right or how far left
wrong, I always end up coming
back to You.

I come back to You, the one
that made me. I come back to You,
the one that gave me life and all it
is I’ve acquired, the one that never
left me. I always come back to

When I mess up in a major way, ruining things
in the midst of conflict, as well as
so many things, things I don’t want to
say aloud. Things that I know don’t
make You proud.
However, You remain, faithful, and true,
with outstretched arms, saying, “I love you,
come close to me, I will comfort you,
I know all about you,
because I made you”.

The comfort I feel, in the words,
the peacefulness in knowing,
You are always there. I see You
in everything—the rain, the wind, the
clouds, in all living things, because
You made them too.

Even when I stumble and I fall really hard,
I lie on my face, while sobbing, trying to make
sense of the world, the life I lead, trying
to remember there’s just one me.
I can’t do it all. There’s always a limit.
I can’t finish it all! Some things, I just can’t
win them.

So I wander, dazed, and somewhat confused,
as the mere humans around me seem to be
amused. So many have pretended to care
so much. Yet it was all lies, some major fronts.
Fronts put on to obtain earthly things,
not thinking those lies cost them their
Heavenly wings.

So again I’m before You, with tear-filled eyes,
as part of me has somehow died.
I feel trapped and at the point of no
return. Yet I must tread on, there are
lessons to learn.

Once again, You received me, with outstretched
arms. Then I felt safe, safe from this world filled
with harm. I kept returning to You Lord,
because You knew all I didn’t say,
You knew when I would pray,
all of it You knew.

I’m so glad there’s a God, one so
forgiving. So glad there’s a God, that has
no limits, no time-outs, no trials,
no maximum chances. He’s always there just
awaiting us to acknowledge Him, Glorify Him,
honor Him, love and obey Him, and to keep
time after time, coming back to Him.

Each time, He loved me no less.
Each time, even when I confessed,
He was the same, never ever did
He change. I love Him because He
first loved me. Even when I don’t get
down on my knees, He’s there for me,
to protect me, unselfishly,
and I keep going back to Him.

From my book, Life: Through These Eyes of Mine, 2011