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Standing in awe/Simply amazed at what was right before my eyes/Staring the truth down, as if it was the enemy & I was in combat/Facing it with every fiber inside me/Unsure of the outcome/Would I fight it or flee???/I silently questioned myself/Yet waves of certainty rolled through my being/Waves making me certain of my mind’s rambling thoughts/The actual fight was long ago fought/I was just getting my reward for it/The reward of being satisfied/having no regrets/Visualizing me patting myself on my own back/I am telling myself how  proud I am to have done the  unthinkable, the almost impossible/When I let the garbage remain in the landfill & simply walked away/leaving it all behind/to rot & decay/No longer am I standing in awe/I am now saluting myself! CLG(*¯︶¯*)