Poetic Thoughts · Poetry


I’m something like a queen,
deserving of much!
I should be treated with the
utmost respect- whether I am
handling business or simply
out shopping, -by those that
say they love me, they need to
show me. I’m something like a

Even when doubt was put in my
ability and many thought I’d fail,
I didn’t. I kept going!
I was talked about for many things,
yet through it all, I excelled. I used
the abilities God gave me, to try
and do the best in all things.

When times became tough, I kept
pushing on, enduring it all to get
where I needed to be. I’m a woman
of much character. I’m a woman of
many hats. I’m intelligent, beautiful,
unique, and unpredictable. When I’m
good, I’m a lady. When I’m bad, I’m yet
a lady. In all things I do, I deserve
the utmost respect. I’m something
like a queen.

If I didn’t know and believe in Thee,
I’d think I had super powers,
the way I juggle my life, as if I am two
people and maintain balance.

I deserve exquisite treats. I deserve lavish
and unique treasures. A beautiful black
woman is what I am, one that should
be adored. I’m capable of thinking like the
president of a company or an
unprofessional woman.

I can adjust, empathize, and be more than one
woman. I’ve learned how to step into
many roles and be what I need to
be for that moment. I’m amazing.
I’m something like a queen.

If I don’t think and realize my worth,
there is no one else that will make me feel
that I am a priceless, rare, awesome
beautiful woman. I encourage myself.
God’s love for me encourages me.

I am independent, self-sufficient, educated,
and God-fearing. I love myself and I love
God. I know what I can and cannot do.
I’m grateful for all I’ve accomplished
by working hard.

People look at me and have no idea of my
story. They know not my heart. They know
not of my struggles. They know not of my worth.
Yet, I know it all, from beginning to end.
And I know now more than ever that
I’m something like a queen