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I Can Smile

Life can bring many uncertainties,
trials, and mishaps. But one thing that is
certain and everlasting, is
God’s love.

Even when I am crying inside
and I do not know which way to turn,
I can smile because I know when I am sad deep
down in my soul, my heavenly father is
smiling down on me, shining a
ray of sunlight
my way.

Even when life becomes overwhelming
and I am overwhelmed by illnesses,
burdened with drama, and disgusted with myself,
I can smile because there are many
others in situations worse than mine.

Even when I do not pray as I should,
God is merciful and loving. I can yet smile,
for I am blessed to be of sound mind.

I am blessed to be favored by God.
I am blessed to be alive.
I am blessed to have a great family
and awesome friends and I have a reason
to smile.