Just Another Post...(Pictures & Thoughts)


Genetics, blood lines, familial relations
do not necessarily a family make.
A person is your family when you share
a bond. You work to uplift each other,
not tear each other down.

You don’t hate on, belittle, or lie on
real family. Being genetically connected
does not make you “family”. The closeness,
the trustworthiness, and appreciating each
other, a family makes.

The components of a family have changed.
This is not a “traditional” society anymore,
where you do as you are TOLD, regardless of

Some traditional aspects of the family made sense.
Certain things should not been discussed and opened
up to outsiders, even other family members, unless
part of the close circle, the close circle as far as a connection,
not genetics.

If a closeness doesn’t exist among family members,
it just doesn’t. Some things can’t be forced or developed.
Thing is, if it doesn’t exist, it is that way for a reason.
So why go against instincts and what you WANT, just
because of genetics?

Friendships/close-knit relationships are developed,
with others, whether genetically tied or not. In the past,
I wondered how some people weren’t close to family
members. Now I realize why. There is no connection,
or commonality. There is no trust or mutual love.

Families are actually the ones you feel close to.
Families are the ones that trust each other, protect
each other, and unconditionally love each other.

With relatives as some, enemies aren’t needed.
all is needed is the relatives to tear you down, as
you work to build yourself up. Those are the type we can
do without. Who needs the extra trash? It belongs in
the garbage.