Just Another Post...(Pictures & Thoughts)




The day normalcy became extinct/the day everything changed/nothing remained the same.

It became more evident that we live in a hate-filled world/a world where people’s ideas, inner turmoils, their pain is so intense/intense/that they care not about their own lifes.

They care about attempting to get others to see/what it is they see and feel/their ideals and adapted ways of life/through martyrdom/ to them/yet to us/to millions/trillions, it is cold blooded murder, terrorism, acts to instill fear, where peace and safety once dwelled.

A world power is what we are supposed to be/yet we have no superpowers/perfection exists not/we are vunerable, as any other country/vunerable and can be penetrated/by the infliction of terror.

So many lives were lost/not only from deaths/many survived/yet they, in actuality, are dead within/their souls have demised/all from those two planes that flew low in the skies/crashing into our structures/wreaking havoc on OUR soil/our souls.

May the souls of the lives lost rest in peace/may the souls of the ones alive, find peace/in the new world/the post 9/11 world

(September 11, 2001)