Just Another Post...(Pictures & Thoughts)


Amazing how people get caught up in LIVING IGNORANTLY FEARLESSLY EVERDAY>, somehow they forget along the way that they are only human. They have families. They have relatives that live havoc-filled lives. Diseases & illnesses can strike anyone, at any given time. Yet life goes on. Days pass us by, yet they continue to live as if the world is theirs. They live as if they are the creator of everything perfect, yet they forget all about kindness. They have simply forgotten about being empathic and reaching a hand. They have forgotten all, but things their small minds are wrapped around…things part of L.I.F.E., living for the moment. They are caught up in themselves. They have no room to love others. Hence, they can’t have love for God…minds tainted, thoughts confused, they are. Yet they lend not,  an encouraging ear, a hand for helping, nothing to show concern for others. Trapped in this world–trapped inside of themselves and L.I.F.E.