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This Thing Called LIFE


We look at people~ we just don’t know~what it is they endure~what they actually go through~to make it each day~fighting to stay alive~we do not know the diseases & demons that plague their lives~as they try to survive~We know not the silent tears so many shed~we know not the burdens placed upon their heads~their heads & their hearts~shedding tears for each other~taking life day by day~each day a struggle~secrets held within~secrets held so tight inside~For our country, America, it hardly abides by~the ideals & beliefs which were set forth in the beginning~now society is just so~so twisted~Judging others as if we really can~what happened to individuality in this great land?~Supposedly the land of the free~the land of opportunity~yet now it seems to be the land where everyone judges, hating others because they are different~Everyone is an individual~why be so hypocritical?~hate in forms of racism~sexism~feminism~people hate because you speak different, you dress different, you are just…different~uniqueness is as a disease it seems~harsh & degrading a society becomes when all everyone can spit out like lyrics is hate~it seems many forget how to be human~we do not think about how people feel when they are looked down upon because they are who they are~We don’t even attempt to wonder how people must feel~what pain they endure when they are bashed for being proud of being who…they…are~how must they feel when they lie in bed at night after having been beaten for their choices?~ how does it feel to live day by day not knowing if you will awaken to your body convulsing with pain both physical and emotional~all because you are different?~So cruel our world is~ So often many forget that the world goes beyond their front door~their lawn~their city~their state~While we smile~Many cry~while we have choices about what to wear, where to go for fun, many are trying to decide which park bench they will sleep on tonight~many wonder which street will be the best~the best to try to ask passers-by for money for breakfast~we take our family & friends for granted~while so many have no one but themselves~ we play with love~ yes l.o.v.e., as a bargaining tool for sex, power, & material things~ when we should be grateful someone loves us, even if it is not how we wish they did~the world needs compassion, empathy & respectful people~ the world goes beyond our comfort zone~There is more to the world than our world..