Just Another Post...(Pictures & Thoughts)

Just Because, A Poem, An Excerpt from my New Book, Life: Through These Eyes of Mine

Don’t hate me because I am different, just because you can’t begin to put yourself in my shoes. No two people are alike.

Don’t mistreat me because you have no clue what I go through
and how I manage each day. I am yet human. I have feelings.

Don’t discriminate against me because of my choices.
I have struggles just as you. I cry, as you. Stop judging me!

Don’t hurt me. I already hurt enough, inside, day by day,
more pain, just because I am me.

Don’t ignore me because I view life differently from you.
We are all God’s children. We all need love and acceptance.

Just because I stand tall and I am proud of who I AM,
why can’t you just show me some love, some acceptance?